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gonna try and get a job on campus, i have barely any experience but i hope they’ll consider me!

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women’s studies story time.

so there was this older woman in this nearly all-female class…there was only one dude. This woman is very gender non-conforming  - a lesbian feminist from the badass days of the 1970s. A wiccan, too. Rather than listening to her wisdom, however, on the topic of sex and gender, the one white male in the class challenged her when she was talking about being female - as in sex. Before she could talk about her own experiences as an older lesbian GNC woman, the guy cut off her off and mansplained to her about why sex isn’t real or relevant. She seemed really puzzled and said “yeah but i mean, chromosomes…” NOPE he cut in, “you could test your chromosomes and they’d be so vague that you’d never know your sex, sooo…that’s why!” and instantly she was shut down and stopped talking. I thought it was amazing how a young man (who fancies himself a superkewlqueerstraightfeministdude) can control  an older, wiser woman’s viewpoints and experiences as a female human who defies gender in a patriarchal capitalist society. I think it was that moment when I realized that men in women’s studies classes are oblivious to their privilege and power…that’s when I realized how disposable our older sisters are in this current climate of backlash. Instead of respecting them and asking about their decades of social activism, they mansplain their sociology garbage theory to trump a women’s’ lived experiences. And of course, it’s academia so everyone else applauds the mansplainers and their post-modern “nothing is real, reality is subjective” I mean, how much more of an asshole can you be?

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Marielle, 17, New Orleans, LA
Submitted by: gmoitsmeny.tumblr.com
Photographed by: Devarian Menyweather

Instagram: @mars______ & @omgafoo_itsmeny

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pedophilia for ts

adults with an interest in barely-legal type of situations are basically admitting the only thing stopping them from pursuing and assaulting underage minors is the legality of it. they have no moral compass and feel entitled to young girls. they’re nauseating.

they’ll split hairs between “well, pedophile means this” and use less common words (it is pretty well accepted that pedophilia in the vernacular includes post-pubescent children) because they want to downplay the horrific nature of their own desires.

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A handy guide for anyone not familiar


'healthy bdsm' lmao